Concerts are for the Deaf,
music demands solitude.
Freedom is for the nonviolent,
the violent man is ever free.
Success demands death,
success is the end of desires.
Life demands corpses,
one must remain fed.
To demand to distinguish the truth,
one must have already lived as a liar.

Where We Stand

Like our times, our methods of solving problems have become mechanical. Problems of politics and society are solved by philosophers. The first problem for a philosopher is to determine the morality of human desires and how much of it could still allow society to progress towards coexistence and harmony. The notion…

The Dying Materialists

Suppose you were to believe that the state of death is like being immobilized in a dark box filled with vacuum. Perhaps you already believe that death is total sensory deprivation. And let’s also assume you think you’d have nothing more to enjoy if you are to lose your biological body, and add with that the fear of dying from old age. What are you? You are exactly someone like Henry Kissinger. However, my aim today is not to discuss disgusting creatures but to pinpoint exactly what makes them disgusting; materialism.

Materialism is very unlike hedonism, even…

Abdullah Rifat Muntasir

I am an educator. I teach people who are willing to change the world.

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