The Dying Materialists

Suppose you were to believe that the state of death is like being immobilized in a dark box filled with vacuum. Perhaps you already believe that death is total sensory deprivation. And let’s also assume you think you’d have nothing more to enjoy if you are to lose your biological body, and add with that the fear of dying from old age. What are you? You are exactly someone like Henry Kissinger. However, my aim today is not to discuss disgusting creatures but to pinpoint exactly what makes them disgusting; materialism.

Materialism is very unlike hedonism, even though they are often compared to be similar. Because the focus of hedonism is solely pleasure, but the focus of materialism is to prove that the material universe is the only supreme form of existence. But this process is flawed since the materials and evidence being used to prove its superiority are the only ones available. The materialist argument follows that since there is no other material or evidence available to prove that there are other forms of consciousness, and then the nature of consciousness must be solely temporary because everything in the material universe is temporary. The second part of the same argument follows; as I did not have a consciousness before birth, my consciousness will leave me as soon as I die and therefore I am entitled to perform just as I please during my human experience.

Checkmate Empaths??

Not quite!

But let’s see deeper into the process of becoming a materialist and we can derive from that point where their souls start to rot and how the horrid creature mutates. Because to understand a Dying Materialist, we must first take a look at the Newborn Materialist.

Consider a situation where a person is born into this world and is acquainted with some form of religion or spiritual guidance from their parents. As with any 21st century C.E spiritual tradition, there is a sense of karma active in that tradition and belief in an afterlife that will result from that karma. Where a person will receive the equivalence of their deeds judged on moral parameters that vary very slightly depending on the tradition. The first confusion they face results from a fact: people are more accustomed to having their crimes punished in this current lifetime, the same spiritual traditions that punish crimes in the next life also needs someone to punish crimes in this life as well. That is the first impulse of injustice they feel from their spiritual tradition. They feel they have been victimized by the creator of their religious tradition. They also feel that somewhat all religious traditions have the same rules.
Now, there are two logical solutions to this problem:
One, you can come up with a new religion that is more equitable than the previous religious tradition.

Two, you can completely avoid all religious traditions and choose to prove how fruitless they are logically and dehumanize religious people once in a while.

Even though materialists have a religious attitude about their atheism, they initially begin with latter solution.

From this impulse of injustice the Newborn Materialist slowly grabs onto the larger picture of the connected 21st century world and starts to see a bigger picture. And with each passing year, he slowly pictures his metaphysical utopia over the image of the real world.

Initiation through Atheism

Now we have a young teenager who understands that all spiritual teachings are restrictions placed upon him to portray his weakness. And the proof of strength is to break these restriction and show religious people how unattractive their lives are. During this time our Infant Materialist pushes himself into debates with more religious more people and concludes that life is essentially meaningless. He is not a delinquent by any means; he is unlike the rebellious youth. His goal is not rebellion or pleasure, no. His goal is making people see his view of the world. A socially perfect world without religious dogma.

Now what our New Atheist and Semi-Nihilist friend does not understand is, that by elimination of religious dogma, the Human Artistic abilities are also killed. Yet, Human and Art are two inseparable concepts. We have prehistoric cave paintings and fertility goddess statues to prove that.

What our young friend does not see is that religion and law-making are essentially human artistic and creative nature at work. It is natural for the human creature to come up with religions, prophets, angels and demons because it is his animal nature to do so. That it is our primal, biological nature to have religious beliefs and it has played the largest role in our evolution. Since our friend cannot come to terms with why he feels a constant lack of purpose in his life, he rediscovers the core concepts of utilitarianism.

Utilitarians believe that the best action to serve the purpose of humanity rules supreme. This also suggests that sole judgment of an action must be its immediate result. To be noted, this is also the Utilitarian Delusion because when an action is completed, every event after that moment is a part of its consequence. Consider the case of building a wall over the Texan border as example. It might stop illegal Mexicans from arriving on foot; it will only encourage them to use better tactics to get into the US. It will also ruin the international image of the US and cause a worker shortage in the near future. Here the immediate action does prove to be fruitful but the long-term effects of it makes it unintelligible. Utilitarians subconsciously believe in shortsightedness as a virtue but are unwilling to accept it. The purpose of utilitarianism is to make people shortsighted in their judgments. Because a truly farsighted utilitarian will deem all his actions as pointless and stop acting altogether. Our character has already adopted nihilism, his farsighted vision is just a dark room already and therefore all he can do is rely on his myopic vision. How else can you make radical decisions look like the correct one? Why else would you weaponize unstable, radioactive elements? How else would our Infant Materialist resist his impulse of finding spiritual comfort if not with extreme, radical decisions?

Now our Infant Materialist has become shortsighted but has seen through enough telescopes to convince you otherwise. He has attended a few university lectures on Astronomy and cosmology to fuel his Nihilistic Atheism. He has concluded that all events in the universe are cyclic. They are processes set in repetitive motion. Let us call this mindset Orbitism because it is derived from infantile knowledge of astrophysics and cosmology of our Imaginary Subject. He also discovers that the ancient Hindu and Buddhist theology supports his views. His inner Nihilism intensifies. He has reached his Nihilistic enlightenment and attained Nirvana. Our Imaginary Subject has now become a Mid-life Materialist.

Spiritual Crisis Transmorphed into Misanthropy

One of the greatest traits of a Mid-life Materialist is his abhorrence for demographics that he considers inferior. This will include generally include the survivalists and the spiritualists, people who believe in the human soul to be source of human consciousness overruling the brain. Again we must separate his views from that of the elitist. Because the elitist understands that an experienced architect should teach aspirants of architecture, and his understanding is appreciable. Elitism values traits and merits but the Materialist equates these arguments by the magnitude of material possessions that has resulted from those traits and merits. To be noted, if an earthquake was to destroy a building, the architect behind it would appear to be meritless and talentless to the Materialist. The complete opposite might be true; the person behind the destroyed building may be the most talented architect alive. Here we can see how our Subject is creating more and more delusions to satisfy his “hatred for humanity” which began with his belief that life is purposeless.

Our Subject by now is around the age of 40 by now. He is naturally impatient and busy. He busies himself all the time realizing that introspection might lead to the fact that he has taken wrong decisions throughout life. It might mean that he might need a change of heart. That would strike a great blow on the philosophy he has so carefully mended for so many years to fight the “stupid people”. But the greatest trait of a Mid-life Materialist is his sense of security in what he believes. He thinks of his philosophy to be secure from all other arguments. In his 40s he’s more influential than ever before. He appears calm, composed and confident. Nevertheless, years of resentment shines on his face. When was the last time you saw an American politician who had a full beard? There is a reflection of disgust in all natural processes in the western civilization. It can be seen down to the level where women want to freely abort fetuses over 5 months old. That is a topic for another time.

Our Materialist Leader now needs people he could blame for his condition. He must find out an alternative cure to his Spiritual Condition. He also cannot talk with a therapist, because he is certainly the sanest person alive. Even though the Subject sometimes denies it, he knows it to be true and also acts like it. The Materialist notion of sanity remains unchanged; the sanest person is the wealthiest and the most active in philanthropy. Our subject openly promotes peace between nations, to him peace is everything. He makes his business by dealing in human emotions. To him all emotional people are subjects of manipulation, and his desires are products to be. Yet our subject always has a group of people he blames for all the unrest. He is certain that with only one group in power and others in subversion, there will be peace. His quest for peace is the most unpeaceful one. His personal life is at unrest, the only time he feels any form of security is when he is with his materialist buddies plotting out a new way to end the “unpeaceful” people. His conviction knows no bounds and hardworking people trust that trait. He is so shrouded with self-righteousness that he can almost claim himself the reincarnation of God. Even though he feels that way, he never does it because of course such ideas are illusions, imaginary and false.

Do you see now that he has put up a barrier between him and his humanity? Something that is mutating him into a disgusting creature incapable of forgiveness? He can only befriend people who suck up to him. The only way he treats a person who disagrees with him is with contempt, sometimes openly and sometimes passive-aggressively. He has created a closed lifestyle where the only people who can reach to him are those with a clear motive. He does not value any other emotion than contempt. He never doubts this decision because introspection is the only major sin in Materialism. A Materialist must hate emotions because they have no practical use. Materialism is religion of its own.

Just like any extremist philosophy, Materialism has its unspoken doctrines of shedding blood. The only reason people do not question it is because all media, from advertisements to romance novels portray materialism in gray light. And by being gray, it is the holiest of all. Because people have become accustomed to thinking that the most logical man will choose a middle path over being biased on either side. Yet the scale of measurement is designed to Even religious preachers portray materialism as a necessary evil because the church funds come from a Materialist. This image of “necessary evil” has allowed this breed of disgusting extremists to use that veil for all their misanthropism.

All Materialists are misanthropes, that is why they shift the focus of their lives from people to objects. Objects become more valuable than people. According to them they have three outstanding arguments for their purpose:

  1. A person’s true character is revealed by putting them in an oppressive situation. If you are truly oppressed, you must act out like the materialist does. Through organized violence, through misuse of legal loopholes and through blatant falsehood. Otherwise, you are not oppressed enough and that is the reason you do not drop your humanity and pursue your oppressors the same way they’d do AnythinG to subdue their opposition.
  2. The lives of dogs and humans are similar from a biological perspective, so we must behave like other mammals. Take the biological nature of humans and assume that humans are no better than any of their milk-feeding cousins. Because materialists make the assumption that somehow other animals have no need for a spiritual lifestyle.
  3. That the only way to win over your opponent is by making them so afraid that they will no longer speak out against you and willingly join their cause. Conversion of beliefs through fear. Because fear will cause a person’s survival instincts to kick in and they will submit to materialism once and for all.

All of these arguments can easily be demolished, because they root from the same assumption that there is nothing spiritual about human existence. The 1st arguments dies if you are to consider that two men are almost always stronger than one. This is almost a universal fact that 2 is more than 1, meaning that there is safety in numbers. And humans have this innate nature for finding comfort through physical security by having others who are willing to lend a hand. That is why we have Hospitals and Restaurants. The idea that you cannot be good when evil is enforced upon you is blatantly wrong. In fact there has been numerous cases where humanity has shown that it is better than what it is portrayed to be. Which goes the same for all races and creeds, and these records are too numerous to involve here.

As for the 2nd and 3rd arguments, they are jokes. Jokes played on people who know nothing about human resilience. Take the Uyghurs in China for example. Has fear made them non-muslims? No. This is living proof that the myth about Islam that it was spread by the sword is a lie. You cannot convert people through fear. They have the ability to value emotional entities more than their survival instincts. No survival instinct can out-do human emotions. Because humans live as a species and not individually and emotions is how the whole hive survives rather than just the mightiest one. This is why Humans do not give up their beliefs that easy. They live and die for them. That is what human nature is. Just as the materialist sees the Dog’s nature to be a dog, he fails to see that it is human nature to be spiritual. The human animal is a mammal with a distinct sense of society through spiritual wisdom. The instinct of harmonious coexistence is inherent and his spiritual practices is an attempt towards the survival of the species as a whole. And there is one man who needs to learn this more than anyone else in the world.

If you hate spiritual practices, you hate the innate nature of community in humans. And two different philosophies will always argue but one cannot convert the other through force or fear. But through ultimate proof that one philosophy is better than the other in application and efficiency. And it shall be no one’s concern if the original philosopher was a pedophile or a gentile. Our Subject Materialist only lives the life of a con-man as a leader. And he’s carried this through his arrogance to his dying days.

It is a con-art to show that you are ultimately selfish and hedonistic, because no human is like that. The transcendental nature of humans must coexist with his hedonistic side because one can never kill the other. Even though Utopia cannot happen, Earth is not hell and We are not demons.

A Life of Hypocrisy and Self-deceit

Our Dying Materialist has now realized that he’s not lived the life of a human being but of a demon. He’s body is now frail, he’s suffered a few strokes and had had a few DMT trips induced from Near Death Experiences. He now understands that all his hatred has been for nothing and all his life he’s given pain to others and himself. All his life was centered around pleasure which was pain in disguise. Because ultimately it is just sensation, both pain and pleasure. But where he could’ve been a source of comfort for children, he has slaughtered them in the fear that they’d make his own children miserable. The idea of defending from misery and delivering misery is still an idea based in misery. And its result will always cause misery because yes, now American war veterans are the best at committing suicide.

He suffers from nonacceptance of the fact that we cannot truly make anyone’s life better. By living a life of protectiveness, our Materialist has become the very embodiment of the demons he imagined of fighting. Because those demons don’t exist. But to make them real, he’s twisted History books, he’s lied to uneducated farmers, he’s payed a religious preacher to preach hate, he’s changed the very definitions of Evil and Human to fit his cause. He has forced the sons of an innocent farmer to go to war against a non-existent Terror, to kill the sons of another innocent farmer. All because he thought he was superior to some other humans. With his great intellect, our Materialist knows what he has done, he knows the crimes he is guilty of.

Some of his buddies have understood and moved on to philanthropy and liberalism but the filth of the soul is not washed away through deeds but through beliefs. He has not only denied the humane nature of people of another race or philosophy, but has lied to himself that he is superior to men with superstitions. Because of course, soap can wash away filth. And of course, the man who hasn’t bathed in years is a disgusting creature.

Possible Solutions to the Materialist Problem

Right off the bat, my first solution would be to trick them into taking very high doses of DMT without their knowledge. But that will never solve the problem of a declining moral. It would be like filling a leaked tank with fuel. You can fill it up but you can’t cause it remain full, even if there is no social pressure destroying it. The best option then is to view materialism for what it truly is, a vainglorious ideology that is loss upon loss where the ledgers show profit upon profit. It is a system of hidden charlatanism that promotes hypocrisy as virtue and hate as the justification for it. A true solution will require the help of people from all over the world. People who are ready to view obsession towards material possession as a sign of madness that requires treatment. We must stop both, the demonizing and the worship of wealth. Then resort to respect people for their knowledge and skills. Resort to rewarding talent and its resulting labor only. But those are for the economist to find.

The root cause of materialism is the lack of love and the lack of universal moral teachings over a biased one. And this duty will carry over to parenting systems all around the world. Again, this must be a coordinated effort. The solution comes down to that alone. A great majority must work together to teach the materialist that as humans we are resilient and unafraid. Poverty or hunger does not weaken us. We can celebrate in crisis and wipe the tears of another and be the reason for someone’s happiness. Prove to them once and for all that wealth isn’t the only way to a satisfactory and safe life.

I am an educator. I teach people who are willing to change the world.

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