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The universal background is not quiet. The most isolated vacuums of Deep Space is not necessarily quiet enough. A scientist might argue otherwise, but they know the trends, they can foresee disastrous theories before experiments or discoveries. Observability is the limiting factor of the scientific process, and all observations are sensory in nature. Science cannot account for breaks of consciousness or quantum leaps into the Human Imagination, nor was it designed to do so. Our dreams in-effect do not exist in this universe. Yet, they do exist. What we have been abused to denote as reality is a manifestation of our own fantasies, one of them being science. The steam-age saw the steampunk future, where pressure, buoyancy and pneumatics ruled machinery. The computer age sees AI and nanotechnology as the future where 0s and 1s could be made into maps of a body and then teleporting that body by replacing atoms, from here to Mars within seconds. Both binary mathematics or pneumatics are simple techniques, one indistinguishable from the other when seen from an engineer’s perspective. Upon both visions of the future, the imagination ruled supreme. Yet, the Divine Will had other Agendas, and here we are. It is as if God has his own Bias. This reality can only justify itself into manifestation when people believe in a vision, therefore, nothing is real because we define “real”. In fact, nothing is real enough for all people to accept it as True. Just like the Vacuum of Deep Space, it’s empty, but not empty enough. Yet, humans are hellbent on Satisfying themselves with half-truths. The superconductors can only function in theoretical absolute zeros. Yet, Instead of using the term “minimum temperature”, we use “absolute zero”. A forceful and repressive command towards nature, on how it should act. People are more willing to create a “Truth” than to accept what is. And nature does conform to this repression until the humans mess up, because pressure eventually deforms the compressed. Thus, reality is a deformation compressed by the many human imagination acting upon it. Imagination therefore is a higher principle to our reality and our bodies and our lives. Therefore, if there is an afterlife, it is imaginary. But this is only the basics of how we manage to empty the vacuum more and more, yet never completely. We suffer from imposive pessimism, we feel force is the only way but we act like we are compassionate. If one rejects compassion completely, they lose the ability to function socially, yet society respects those who are forceful. Therefore, our version of reality does not match with the Agenda of the Universe, and without understanding this Agenda. We have forcefully created a new version of Truth which I will call the Profane Truth. Where we think Truth is a matter of measurement. Yet, the reality outside of our version is reacting to the collective impositions. We are regressing the Agenda with our imaginations. And unless we can improve our vision of what Truth is, we cannot give up the laws that are full of loopholes for the “Other” to manipulate. This is reflective in laws of physics, also in laws of the judiciary.
And regressing over such profane truth will cause the universe to react accordingly, because it is a product of a collective imagination. And by creating this image we have become cornered and bubbled. Our thoughts have caused the stars to shy away from us.

The original purpose of pessimist philosophy was to emphasize the value of remaining alert and ready for troublesome incidents and to face them with full preparedness. It is an honorable and brave style of life. However, people like Schopenhauer or UG Krishnamurti never point out that for a person to be at that state of pessimism, they must have lived as an optimist for at least a decade. By remaining positive forcefully the person learns the advantages and disadvantages of optimism. They must discover by themselves that mindless positivity is negativity because it promotes mindlessness, meaning degradation of consciousness. Any degradation of consciousness, meaning any form of ignorance to phenomenon is negative. One does not cure a disease by ignoring it, but by acting for a cure. However, it needs to be independently discovered by persons before they can apply pessimism productively, employing a more careful approach. Catch your negative thoughts and deny them, you have that much power. By remaining positive all the time, you cannot ignore negativity, rather by being positive about avoiding negativity, you will succeed in actualizing your desired reality. So, profaned Truth is infinitely inferior to the noble Truth. And if a Truth is not noble, it needs to be changed through careful planning. That is pessimism in practise- being careful of what thoughts occur in the mind. It is an act of chipping away at your soul and deliberately redesigning it. It begins painfully but becomes a necessary life skill for one trying to master the mind and life. However, whatever pessimists are, they are not truthers. The deemed events that could bring about the destruction of order, are imaginary. These imagined events help the pessimist to decide in such dire situations so that they can come out as the hero of the said event. Even though pessimists claim to be hardcore realists, that is not at all true. Pessimists rely on imaginary lenses to view the world as much or even more so than a science fiction writer, in fact, sci-fi writers are often pessimists themselves. This is why we see much of sci-fi is Zombie Apocalypse, Nuclear Winters, Deep Space Voyages and Intergalactic Dictatorships. Not that these events cannot occur in the foreseeable future but to find these events more exciting than others is the bias that goes into creating the imaginary lenses used to magnify the event. So, even though pessimists will tell you that they are realists, their entire logical module relies heavily on imaginary catastrophes that usually do not happen. Pessimists approach life fully knowing that, and planning out for a range of catastrophes that are coincidentally out of the range of reality. They hope that by being unreal, they can deal with everything life throws at them. That is far from being a realist.

To realize the function of truth we must set the assumption that an Objective Truth exists regardless of dualities or other ideas imposed on it. This Objective Truth must be singular, universal and morally virtuous. That way we can say anything that rejects any aspect of this truth is an Objective Lie and any statement that is still relatable with the Objective Truth is somewhat true. Therefore similarity with the Truth is what gives a link of Objective Truth to a novel statement thus consequentially making it true. Semblance of the Lie gives the novel incident a link to unreality. Now there problem is, the Truth cannot be simplified in words or numbers but only felt. And here all of our sensation of reality falls apart unable to help us any further. Knowledge is a limited tool is search of a truth that does not remain constant. Because knowledge is essentially rereading of recorded memory. Knowledge deals with recorded past events and teaches the mind to sense the truth from partial reconstruction of that event. Because the problem with knowledge is that it is inaccurate and biased because of the limits of human observation. And learning to develop a moral compass to judge events and characters requires the magnet in that compass, the Objective Truth. There is a longstanding misconception that feelings are inaccurate. This is not true, the more traumatic an incident is, the more the accurate and intense an emotion becomes. Therefore it is intensity of emotion that directs towards Truth. And in essence enlightenment is becoming attuned to sensing the Truth. The mystic Mansur Hallaj, proclaimed, “I am the Truth.” Such is the manifestation of enlightenment. When emotions of a person becomes attuned to sensing the Truth throughout all circumstances and their vision of reality becomes progressively clearer than those around them. The Gnostics used to say, what a Master believes in is the Truth. If it is not, it becomes. For a master, prediction and causation are the same act. Thus, what is predicted, can be prevented.

Using one’s emotions to find the Truth is more efficient than using function of reductionist methods. The prime evidence for this statement is both the Heisenberg uncertainty Principle and the double sit experiment. They are in essence the same thing, saying a moving mass is “charged” is the same as saying it is “Hot” and vice versa. Using our physical apparatus, we can sense when our body comes in contact with a Potential Difference of Charge, a voltage. But the same could be felt if a person suddenly goes from a hot room to a cold room, the body experiences a “shock”. The photoelectric effect is another proof that kinetic energy or the lack of it could be an indicator of creation of voltage. Yet, the only way we can know the truth about the matter of electrons is through the use of magnetic experiments. But this evidence is also thwarted by photomagnetic phenomenon because light, in essence, has no charge. Here, we have through reductionism created a mess that is unsolvable. And a manifestation of this internal chaos is that now some idiots are coming up with wavicle theories and models. Here the function of truth has become so incomprehensible that our understanding of the Universe has become an impossible task. Yet, every human being is connected to a mind, a subconscious that is incomparably more complex. Reductionism is a manifestation of humans to rely on Objective Lies to further their agendas. In essence, it is a manifestation of their collective impatience to jump to conclusions. Using our emotions, we can simply feel these phenomenon as life. Now that is more closer to a universal and virtuous Objective Truth. Not because of its simplicity but because of the manifestation of Heat, Magnetism, Charge and Light, that manifestation is Life, living organisms. We can see that our breaking down of such processes is an obsession with epiphenomenon. The problem with studying epiphenomenon is that one should always regard it as a product and not the primary subject. Because the only true phenomenon is only Mind, not in a solipsist or idealist kind of way, but in a more collective and infinite manner. Every phenomenon begins from a thinking mind, and every manifestation is an epiphenomenon. As long as we do not consider this to be one of the fundamental laws of the Universe, the Universe cannot be made sense out of. This is, of course, not a proposition for god-of-gaps, and also not a proposition to find a conclusion for what we do not understand. But an honest proposition to solidify a Law of Truth.

The Law of Truth according to my understanding proposes a few assumptions. The first assumption is that Truth is a feeling, it is more akin to Satisfaction, therefore, it is replicable for a Lie. Therefore, Objectivity is a necessary part of Truth, one cannot only feel the Truth but also judge it through some apparatus of Morality. If one finds imbalance within their apparatus, they should change their Objectivity to become more Universal. Universal Equilibrium is achieved through the accepting that Dichotomies exist when exchanges occur. That there is a receiving party and a delivering party, but this does not divide or separate the Truth but provides a method of compensation within a Closed System. The Universe is not a Closed System, but a True System, where it always acts Morally. Morality however, is a lesser form of Virtue. Virtue is the ability of restraint even when a more satisfactory choice is available. Therefore, Truth must be Virtuous and not just Moral. Since Truth can only originate within a mind, the mind should be recorded as the central phenomenon, therefore a feeling of a collective unconscious, or of a God. This again is not a proposition of a benevolent loving All-father who defines the Truth, but of a phenomenon that has a Purpose or Agenda. Therefore, the final proposition is that Objective Truth is biased towards this Agenda even though it has attained Universal Equilibrium. This underlying Bias is the only thing that stops us from accepting a Law of Truth. Therefore, the true function of Truth is to find the Agenda of God, the Bias that allows time to progress in a linear dimension.

I am an educator. I teach people who are willing to change the world.

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